Welcome to inpictur.es gallery, showcasing the artwork Nik Sargent Photography.

My passion is creating magical and inspiring images for you - photos that are dramatic, dreamy and deserving of a place on your wall and the admiration of your dinner guests.

Inpictur.es is my photography brand.

I specialise in fine-art landscape and portraiture photography.

My biggest joy is to create inspiring and unique images for you - please see my testimonials page for reactions from customers.

My approach to image-making is very much like that of an artist, working from an initial concept and then "painting with light". Taking this approach, I don't shoot in a purely technical and unemotional way, but I deliberately produce my photos with a specific idea in mind, often crossing the boundary between photography and art/painting.

Brushstrok.es is my digital painting brand, providing a premier service to Professional & Amateur Photographers with the creation of original digital artwork from photographs and photographic processing/re-touching.

My digital paintings are lovingly hand-created using the latest state-of-the-art digital painting and illustration system which is able to recreate the texture and intensity of traditional natural mediums, and to create entirely new mediums otherwise impossible (such as combining watercolours and oils).

These are not ordinary images

When examined close up, the detail in the paintings is extremely detailed. When printed on canvas they create a piece of genuine artwork that can be cherished for years, and hopefully become an instant over-dinner talking point.

My Brushstrok.es images contain all the texture and detail of the source medium, be it fine bristle brushwork, sponge, chalk, pastel, pencil, ink, water, impasto, and so on. Your painting can be in any medium and style, though I personally love impressionistic styles.

If you are a professional Photographer, then brushstrokes provides a unique opportunity for your prints, albums and canvases. I can differentiate your portfolio and offer your clients something magical over and above their existing photoshoot. Digital paintings are perfect for transforming the signature image from landscape, wedding, christening, pet, glamour or boudoir shoot into a memorable piece of artwork that will have clients bursting to tell their friends and family about their experience!

And for clients, I will also work directly with your own treasured photos to create memorable masterpieces.

Brushstrok.es paintings are tasteful and timeless, capturing memories in a new and unique way that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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