Would you like to model with us?

If you've seen my images, love them and want to create more with me, then read on!

I welcome enquiries from those who want to model, providing you meet the following criteria:

  • enthusiastic
  • willing to co-operate and work to create new and great images
  • a sense of humour (all hard work needs some comic relief)
  • transport / some ability to travel
  • did I say enthusiastic?

There is no requirement to be a seasoned professional with oodles of experience - most of the images on this site (including those on this page) were created by working with keen amateurs and beginners (and babies!)

I'll always respond to sensible/genuine enquiries - just use the contact page to get in touch and send some links to your current portfolio if you have one. 

Please note, that as a general rule all my work is "Time for Prints". I treat models working "TFP" as if they were clients, delivering you images with the aim of delighting you, just as if you were paying hundreds for a shoot. Creating my images is more intensive than most in post-production, so you are not just getting my time on shoot, but many hours of post-production also, hence the TFP policy.  

I have many ideas always on the go and am open to many more. Can travel and shoot indoors and outdoors. So I look forward to hearing from you. 


Pre-shoot communications with Nik were brilliant; great detail and very articulate. 

Nik is a model's dream to work with, extremely professional, very organised and produces the most amazing and beautiful images which are an Art Form. Almost oil paintings. Something to be proud of in one's portfolio.

He is also easy, focused and creative to work with. A photographer who knows his camera lens inside out.

Would recommend Nik VERY HIGHLY to any model.

The shoot time just flew by, because we worked so well together. I enjoyed every single minute and the resulting images are just amazing.