Your utter delight is my number one priority. I want you to be thrilled with your image, whether I'm undertaking a photo shoot or painting one of your own pictures. 

A summary of my feedback is a "tag cloud" showing the key words from hundreds of testimonials. The biggest words are the ones that have been mentioned the most.

Everybody's story is different: some clients have told me their images have brought a tear to their eye. Others that long lost memories have been brought to life. For others it has rekindled a family bond. What's your story?


One of the most touching things to have been said was posted by a lovely gentleman on my facebook wall. He said this:

Thank you for inspirations. You have given me confidence to go in directions I have thought about but, was not ready to try. Thank you

You may have heard of Derren Brown, the wonderful showman and mind magician, now a huge TV Celebrity. What you may not know is that he is an incredible portrait painter (you must look up his work). I was honoured that he had this to say on Twitter about a portrait I created for him:

@niksargent amazing, I love it. Thank you. What's your medium/process?

Derren Brown (who is an extremely talented painter)


I've had hundreds of delighted customers and testimonials, it's impossible to list them all here; But if you'd like to see where those words in the Tag Cloud came from, the following spreadsheet lists the most recent comments on my work.

The four most popular words are Wow, Beautiful, Love and Amazing. That means my customers are happy, and that means I am happy. I love making great images for you